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Avoid These Words & Phrases

Getting rid of these words and phrases will help your writing style immensely.
  1. On account of Just use because.
  2. Only Placement is important with this word. It should come immediately before what it quantifies. Do you mean "He only kicked that ball ten yards" or do you mean "He kicked that ball only ten yards."?
  3. Orientate We never orientate, but always orient or become oriented. The same goes for administrate- we administer a project.
  4. Per Unless writing legalese or technical jargon, where its use is appropriate, substitute according to instead.
  5. Plus This word is not a conjunction in formal writing. Use and.
  6. At this point in time Why so many words? Just say At this time or at this point or better now.
  7. So as to Again with so many words. To will do.
  8. Suppose to, use to. Do not forget the hard d at the end of these words, though they may appear silent in speech. "We used to play baseball" or "We were supposed to autograph baseball cards."
  9. The reason why is because. This is a problem for the Department of Redundancy Department! Just say because.
  10. Thru This is used for street signs and advertisements, but use through in formal writing.
  11. 'Til Even poets avoid this word now. Just use until or till.
  12. Try and You never try and do something. You try to do something.
  13. Thusly How ugly. Substitute thus or therefore instead.
  14. Utilize Use use when it will suffice, and the same for utilization.
  15. Very, really, quite (and other intensifiers) Mark Twain suggested replacing these words with expletives so your editor will remove them and leave you with a better sentence. Cut out the middle man and just remove them yourself.

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