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Notebooks can be incredibly valuable tools for students. To learn how to organize yours properly so you can get the most out of them, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI. 

How to Organize Your Notebooks Effectively

Organization can affect students much more than you know. In fact, mentions that it can influence how they think, how they follow directions, and even how they learn. That's why it's important that you develop and strengthen your organization skills. To that end, in this post you'll find tips on how you can keep your notebooks neatly organized.

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Have One Notebook for Every Subject

For starters, you will need to have one notebook (and even one folder) for each of your school subjects. Doing so will help you keep your notes separated and more organized, which can save you a lot of time and trouble when you're trying to find the right ones to study from. However, the real trick is using your notebooks accordingly to avoid mixing all of your school subjects, so be sure to keep up with this.

Put Your Name, Subject, and Grade on Them

Imagine going through all of the trouble of keeping neat, organized, effective notes, only to lose the notebook and your study material with it? Needless to say, this can be very frustrating and infuriating. To prevent this situation from taking place, you should put your name, subject, and grade on the cover of each of your notebooks. This way, if you ever misplace any of them, you will have a higher chance of getting it back, which can give you peace of mind.

Write Down a Date and Title for Each Lesson

As previously stated, an important reason why you should keep your notebooks organized is so that you can have more effective study sessions. It is for that same purpose that you should write down a date and title for each lesson in your notebook. Doing so will help you track down the required study material much faster, which can influence the outcome of your study sessions in a positive way.

Be Clear With Your Ideas

To have an organized notebook, you not only need to think about how you care for it, label it, and more. In fact, you should also consider how you organize the ideas that are penned in it. This means that to keep your notebook neatly organized, you should be clear with how you express yourself. This includes how you structure phrases, your penmanship, and other elements that could affect your notes' legibility and understanding.

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Avoid Getting Your Notebook Dirty

Another thing you should look out for if you'd like your notebooks to stay as organized as possible is their cleanliness. After all, a notebook that's filthy, filled with mistakes, and has doodles all over the margins, can be incredibly distracting while studying. Make an effort to keep your notebooks clean. However, if you must doodle (which can help some students stay focused), do so on the last pages, so as to not take away from your notes.

Say "No" to Loose Papers

If you're not the most organized person, having loose papers can be troubling, since you may end up losing them. To keep that from happening it's recommended that you avoid ripping pages off your notebooks or keeping loose papers in them. If your teacher hands you sheets that you must save, place them in your folders (that's what they're there for) to eliminate the risk of misplacing them.

Create an Index at the Back of It

Last but not least, you can create an index at the back of your notebook. This tip is mainly for those students who want to take their notebooks' organization a step further. To go through with this, you just need to number each page in your notebook. Once you've done that, write down which lesson is on which page at the back of the notebook. While this may seem time-consuming at first, it can help you be more aware of your study material.

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