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Knowing your child's learning style can help them have more successful studying experiences. To find out what your child's learning style is and how to adapt to it, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI.

A person's learning style refers to the way in which they take in, assimilate, and understand information better. Needless to say, knowing what your child's learning style is can be incredibly important, as you can then adapt their study methods to them and help them have more effective and successful learning experiences. If you'd like to help your child learn better, but have no idea what their learning style is, don't worry. In this post, you will learn about three main learning styles (though there are others out there that should be considered), as well as how to identify them, and how you can adapt your child's study sessions to them to help them succeed academically.

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How to Adapt to Your Child's Learning Style

If Your Child is a Visual Learner

First of all, let's go over the visual learners which, as the name states, are those people who can understand information better when it's presented through visual cues. To know if your child is a visual learner, notice if they're good with shapes, colors, special arrangements, and other visual stimuli. For example, if your child can remember people's faces easily or if they love to draw, they may be a visual learner. If your child learns better through their sight, there are a couple of study methods that can help them study effectively. For example, they can make drawings related to the lessons they're studying (the more colors they use, the more fun they will have and the better they will learn). Showing them videos or making concept maps with them may also be of assistance.

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If Your Child is an Auditory Learner

After reading the name 'auditory learner', it should come as no surprise, that this second group of people are those who are able to assimilate, retain, and recall sounds more effectively than other types of cues. You will be able to tell if your child is an auditory learner, if they can understand sounds, rhythm, conversations, and other auditory stimuli better. For example, if your child has an ability to recall conversations they had, or if you notice they have a real talent for music, it may be due to an auditory learning style. If, after reading this, you suspect that your child may be an auditory learner, there are a few fun ways to help them study and learn more effectively. For one, next time they have to learn new information, you can create rhymes or silly songs to help them memorize it. If you have the possibility, you should also try to record their lectures and play them back to them, so they can study from them.

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If Your Child is a Kinesthetic Learner

Last but definitely not least, there are kinesthetic learners to consider, which are the type of learners that need to touch things or use their body in order to understand the world they live in. You can identify your child as a kinesthetic learner, if they are very active, constantly moving, and touching things. You can also tell if your child is a kinesthetic learner if they much rather experience things, more than hearing or reading about them. If you have a kinesthetic learner at home, it's important that you keep them on their feet and that you accommodate to their learning style whenever possible. For example, you can device a few experiments in order to help them learn more about their school subjects. You may also provide learning tools to help them with their subjects. For instance, an abacus can be of great assistance if your child is learning to count.

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