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Summer Study Plan for the SAT

Fall semester and SAT dates may seem like a long way off, but summer days slip by quickly. If your child is taking the SAT this October, make summertime "SAT study time". Create a Study Plan A 12-week summer study plan will give your child time to retain a lot of materials. Make the extra time count with a plan customized to your child's strengths and challenge topics. The best way to start? An SAT practice exam.  

Study Guide Tag Along

SAT prep is completely mobile. It can even be fun. Gather up some crosswords and puzzles (as puzzles require the key skill of creative, critical thinking), a blanket and your child can enjoy summertime while studying.

Test Day Prep

By week six, your child should take their second timed exam and capitalize on improvements. Note how much of the exam your child complete before time expires. Score the exam. And have your child finish the rest of the questions un-timed. Adjust your study plan and have them spend less time practicing items that have become easier. Include one entire times essay every week. During the last two weeks of the study plan, include three timed exams. Sign your child up for The Tutoring Center's SAT ACT Program for help with any continuing trouble spots and to help open up creative solutions for studying roadblocks in a section. The Tutoring Center, Southgate, uses an innovative system to give your child far more One-to-One Instruction than he or she will ever receive in a classroom full of children or a small group. Give your child the advantage when taking the SAT. Call The Tutoring Center, Southgate at 734-785-8430 and schedule your child's Free Diagnostic Assessment.


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