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 There is a long way before your children sit by themselves to learn their school material and finish their homework on time; behind this behavior there are a series of study habits and skills that are acquired by practice. However, the first step is having a study space at home that sets the right environment that your children need to learn more effectively. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Southgate, we invite you to read the following post.

Find a Space

Perhaps the most challenging part is finding an area in your home that adapts to your children’s personality and learning style. A few signs you should pay attention is whether they prefer a busy environment or not; that’s why it’s important to take a look at your children while they study to find out what works better for them. 

Set Rules

Establishing clear study times and rules will help to instill discipline in your children. However, you should give them a hand. Calendars and daily planners are simple yet powerful time management tools; assist your children to plan their week ahead and calculate how much time they need to fulfill each activity.


The main goal is making your children feel comfortable while they study. Check that the chair and table don’t hurt their wrists or hands. Also, keeping a straight posture is important to prevent any back injuries. Don’t forget that your children should also be responsible for decluttering and cleaning their space, and have the school supplies they require, so the need for a pencil doesn’t interrupt their concentration. 

These ideas are simple to carry out and will provide your children with a solid foundation they need for great academic achievement. Also, don’t forget to read this previous post containing information to engage your children in reading.

At The Tutoring Center, we have developed exclusive programs that will strengthen the struggle areas of our students, plus we offer a free diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the individual academic needs of your children. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Southgate. For further information about our programs, please call (734) 785-8430


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