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A great way to keep your children interested in learning this spring and summer is by making it fun. Luckily, there are many fun science activities that are relatively easy to do and incredibly fun! One fun science topic is the weather. Beyond observing the clouds, here are some fun science weather activities from The Tutoring Center in Southgate to do at home. For more focused science help this summer, contact us today at (734) 785-8430. In the meantime, try these:

  • Make a Barometer- Air pressure is measured by a tool called a barometer. You can easily make a barometer at home by stretching a rubber balloon over an empty, wide mouth container. When there is high pressure, the balloon surface will concave into the container; when there is low pressure, the balloon will bubble up. An easy way to remember is to attach a stick or straw to the balloon, when the straw tilts up, the air pressure is ‘high’; when the straw points down the air pressure is low.
  • Pin wheels and kites- Pinwheels and kites are great to measure the strength and direction of the wind. You can find many simple designs to make pinwheels on the internet that only require some paper, tape, a pin, and a straw. You can also find kite designs, although store bought kites are inexpensive and more effective.
  • Rain gauge- During the rainy season, measure how much rain you get at your house with a super simple rain gauge from a plastic bottle. Simply use an empty glass jar and mark the sides in centimeters with a ruler.
Science is usually one topic that can excite children when introduced the correct way. However, if you would like more information about specially designed supplemental academic programs in science, math, reading or writing in Southgate, call us today!


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