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In a previous post, you read about how you can engage your child with reading, so they can start creating a habit. To continue with that theme, in this installment you’ll find a few ways in which you can help your child become a better reader. By following the tips below, your child will not only become an avid reader, but they’ll be able to improve their reading comprehension skills as well.

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Reading Comprehension Skills

  1. For starters, make sure to provide them with an appropriate reading environment. They need to be focused and comfortable enough in order to read and understand what they’re reading.
  2. You can also encourage your child to take notes as they’re reading. This will help them pay attention to their reading material, as well as follow the text more effectively.
  3. A dictionary can be a very helpful tool when trying to understand a text better. By providing your child with one, they’ll be able to search for unknown words in the text, thus expanding their vocabulary.
  4. Learning more about the subjects discussed in a book can give you context and a better perspective on it. Motivate your child to research the topics so they can have a clearer grasp on the text.
  5. Encourage your child to make use of different reading strategies, such as reading out loud or rereading until they understand a sentence, to avoid confusion and discouragement when reading.
  6. Engage your child in conversation about what they’re reading. Discussing a book or other reading material can make the experience much more enjoyable and eye-opening.

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