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 It can be very easy to assume that poor grades are simply a result of your child not having worked hard enough. This may indeed be the case, but it’s important to consider that there are many external factors that can impact grades, and if they’re dragging your child’s performance down then...
 Writing is a skill that it’s somehow overlooked, but it has crucial importance in great academic achievement, as it helps your children practice their grammar, communicate their ideas among many other benefits. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Southgate, we would like to share some...
 There is a long way before your children sit by themselves to learn their school material and finish their homework on time; behind this behavior there are a series of study habits and skills that are acquired by practice. However, the first step is having a study space at home that sets...
As you know, homework can be a tricky subject for some students; they may have trouble focusing or working on a particular subject. Still, homework is a big part of their grade and represents an opportunity for them to practice what they learned.

If you feel like your child needs a bit of...
Reading is a tremendously important skill for your child to develop, both academically and for their day to day life. There’s no better time than the present to encourage your child to take up this valuable pastime (especially as it’s a new year), so follow these tips from The Tutoring Center in...
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