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Paying attention in class and learning in school are some of your most important responsibilities as a student. However, if you aren't the best at seeing them through, below you'll find a few tips to improve your focus in class.

How to Increase Your Attention Span in Class

Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy

Focusing in class, learning new information, practicing your skills, reinforcing your knowledge, and more, require great brain power. However, that brain power won't be as potent if your body and mind aren't healthy. This is because, as you may imagine, being sleepy, tired, or hungry in class can get in the way of your learning process. For that reason, you first need to make sure that you're sleeping and resting enough and eating nutritious foods.

Prepare Your Brain for Learning

Your mindset about your classes can make a big difference to how much attention you pay and how much you learn. For example, being negative about your classes (thinking they're boring, too challenging, or a waste of time) can discourage you and make you think that you shouldn't mind what the teacher is saying. That's why it's important to change that mindset for a more positive one, so you can prepare your brain to concentrate before class begins.

Keep Distractions Away

Needless to say, if you want to be better at focusing in class, you should keep distractions away. To that end, you should power off or mute your telephone and keep it in your backpack through the remainder of the class, so you're not tempted to look at it. Likewise, if you have other items that may catch your attention (like magazines, handheld game consoles, food, and other distracters), avoid reaching for them when you should be listening to your teacher. If you're getting distracted in class because you don't fully understand the subject, know that The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI can provide the support you require to master any academic challenge that comes your way. Contact them at (734) 785-8430 to enquire about their tutoring services in Southgate MI, or to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.

Choose the Right Place to Sit In

Where you sit can also impact the amount of attention you pay to your classes. This is because, when you sit on the back, near your friends, you feel that the teacher can't see you, which may make you think you can do whatever you want. To avoid that, choose a spot near the front and center of the classroom (away from windows, doors, and friends), so you're more inclined to turn to your teacher, pay attention to what they're saying, and focus on learning.

Sit Up Straight and Face Forward

While we're on the subject of seats and sitting, how you sit can also influence your attention levels. If you're with your head down, hunching over, or turned away from the front of the classroom, you're less likely to focus. For that reason, you should make an effort to sit up straight, face the teacher, and have a more receptive body language. Not only that, but this position can also help you stay more awake if you're ever feeling sleepy in class.

Take Notes to Improve Concentration

Another important tip that can help you focus in the classroom, and that will be very useful when the time to study comes around, is to take notes. The act of writing down notes about the class will require you to focus and will keep your mind on what the teacher is going over. Next time you're feeling distracted, concentrate on writing the main ideas that you're discussing, caring about your penmanship, and writing comprehensible phrases.

Be an Active Student in Your Classes

This tip won't only improve your focus, but it can actually make your whole learning experience much more enriching and enjoyable: participate actively in your classes. Raising your hand to ask or answer questions, or to share your opinion, as well as politely listening to what your classmates have to say, will allow you to become a better learner and will make your classes much more interesting.

Do Not Distract Others

It's been proven that no one can be productive or focus on one task 100% of the time, which means that there will be times when you will get distracted in class. Still, if even after following the tips above, you can't seem to bring your attention back to your teacher, then the least you can do is not distract your peers. After all, this is a matter of respect towards them and your teacher, so don't interrupt them.

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