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As a parent, you may be frustrated by a grade your child recently received on his or her report card or progress report. You may be wondering, then, what you can do to help your child improve in the area of academics. You may consider hiring a tutor to give your child the extra help he or she needs, but you can also begin working at home on ways to help your child improve in his or her study habits. The Tutoring Center in Southgate would like to help you today by providing a few easy ways you can do just that, help your child improve study habits. 

Remember Those Study Skills: 

Be sure that your child is doing the homework that is assigned. It may be the case that the teacher does not check the homework regularly. Even so, if your child is doing the work, he or she is getting some much needed practice. Generally, what is shown in the homework will be reflected on the test. 

Have a plan for studying. Your child will usually be given at least a weeks worth of notice prior to a test. Take time to make a study plan, even writing it on the homework calendar for an extra reminder. Determine how much time should be taken each evening to study for a particular exam and add it to the schedule. 

Taking Excellent Notes is yet another way to ensure your child will do well on an exam. What he or she writes down, based one what the teacher lectures on, is going to be reflected on the exam. Encourage your child to take the time after class to compare notes with a classmate, ensuring that he or she wrote down all of the key ideas. 

Once your child has taken the previous steps, it is getting close to time to take the exam. You will do well to remind your child of these strategies before he or she has the test in hand. 

Test Taking Strategies That Work: 

Though it may seem obvious, children do need to be reminded to read the directions. Even after the teacher has gone over the directions with the entire class, your child will do well to read them again and ask for clarification on anything that seems unclear. 

Answering the questions strategically is yet another great tactic. Your child should answer the questions he or she is absolutely sure of, first, leaving time to go back to the more complex questions later. 

The final step, which is all too often neglected by students, is to go back and review the answers and check for mistakes. Remind your child to complete this important step before turning in the test. Reread instructions, questions, and answers. If your child thinks of more information to include, now would be the time. Check for spelling and any other aspects that may have been missed. 

Remember that hiring a tutor is another great way to assist your child on his or her journey to academic excellence. If you are interested in learning more about what The Tutoring Center has to offer, read this information about our programs and diagnostic testing. For tutoring in Southgate, contact us, (734) 785-8430.


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