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Homework is something almost all kids hate, but is necessary to excel in school and also pick up good organization and planning habits at an early age. A lot of students are reluctant to do homework after a long day at school but there are many ways to help encourage good study habits and help them achieve their potential. Here are some quick “homework help” tips to improve your child’s study habits at home.

Have a ‘Study Environment’

The right location will depend on individual children and the nature of your family. Many children do best at a desk in their bedroom or a family office. These are quiet locations, away from commotion and noise. Other children are distracted by the things kept in these rooms, and do better at a place removed from these distractions, like the dining room table. Some children need to work by themselves whereas others need to have parents nearby to keep them focused and to answer questions when problems arise. Talk with your child about the best place to work. Both you and your child need to discuss pros and cons of different settings to arrive at a mutually agreed upon location. 

Have a ‘Study Schedule’

Depending on the age of your student, make a strict schedule of how long each day will be spent doing homework. The younger the child, the less time they need to spend doing homework. As your child progresses into middle and high school, homework becomes much more important to achieving good grades. Starting your child early on a good homework routine will set them up to succeed as school becomes more demanding. 

Reward Good Work

Especially with young learners, children are much more likely to do something desirable if there is something in it for them. However, they don’t often see doing well in school as a personal reward. Don’t ‘spoil’ kids for doing what is expected and necessary of them with unwarranted rewards. Make a rewards system that they will be excited about. Whatever your reward system is, be firm about it because if you give them what they want without the expected outcome, the system hasn’t worked. 

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