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Your child's pronunciation can not only impact their ability to communicate effectively but their self-esteem, social skills, and behavior, too. If your child requires some assistance to develop their pronunciation and articulation, follow the tips in the post below.

How to Help Your Child's Pronunciation

  1. First, break words down into syllables. Find words with the sound that's most challenging to your child and have them say them syllable by syllable. This will get them familiarized with the movements and sounds they should produce.
  2. If your child loves tongue twisters, you're in luck, as they can also help with your child's pronunciation and fluency. Tongue twisters exercise the muscles needed to pronounce correctly. Be sure to start with easy ones and gradually move on to harder ones.
  3. You can also read to them. This is a great tip because it will also strengthen your bond with your child. Reading to them regularly will help your child focus on how the words on the page should be pronounced.
  4. A game you can play with your child is to whisper to them across the room and have them guess what you're saying. This will force them to look at what you do to mouth a word, which can help with their pronunciation.
  5. It may be that your child isn't aware of their pronunciation. To help with this, record their voice. This will help them understand the areas they need to work on. Plus, as they improve, looking back at how far they've come can help their self-esteem.
  6. As with any other skill, practice is essential. Be sure your child practices their pronunciation often so they can continue to develop effectively.
  7. Lastly, be encouraging. Learning any skill can be challenging, so be there for your child to provide the support they need to keep going and improving.

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