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At The Tutoring Center in Southgate we are not only concerned with your child’s academic performance, although we often offer advice on things such as improving study habits. We are concerned with the development of the whole child and a great way to help your child along in his or her development is by helping your child form healthy habits. 

The first step in ensuring your child is starting to form great habits is by modeling the habits you want your child to develop. Your child watches you and will do as you do. If you want your child to get exercise, you are going to need to exercise. If you want your child to eat well, read more, or whatever great habits you want your child to have, then start out with showing your child that those habits are important. 

Not only should your child see that healthy habits are important habits, he or she should also see that these habits are enjoyable ones. You can help achieve this by staying positive. If your child sees you reacting negatively to healthy food, exercise, or other good habits you want him or her to have, then it is likely going to be ingrained in your child’s mind that this is not fun, and therefore not something desirable. 

Remember that it will be easier to form healthy habits, the more you limit distractions. That being said, you should limit your child’s use of television and other technology. This, of course, does not mean that you should do away with it altogether, if you choose not to. However, the less time you allow your child to spend with these activities, the more free time there will be to do something active, fun, and even educational. 

Remember to pick rewards that actually reward your child if he or she is exhibiting understanding and follow through in forming these good habits. An example of a great reward is a day in an activity museum or water park. Let your child know that you appreciate his or her hard work by rewarding him or her with something your child actually enjoys. 

Lastly, be sure to stay involved in your child’s healthy habits and activities. Just as it’s important for your child to see you working hard toward good habits, it’s important that you get involved in your child’s good choices. Pick healthy meals together, have your child help you write the shopping list, and cook together, for example. 

As you begin to see that your child is really forming these healthy habits, you may still remember that he or she is having difficulty in a particular school subject. If that is the case, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help. For tutoring in Southgate, be sure to contact us at (734) 785-8430.


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