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A lack of motivation and interest in academics during this time of year is called a midyear slump. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI to learn how to motivate your child again.

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How to Make It Past the Midyear Slump

Since we're in the middle of the school year, some students may start to feel bored with their academics and unmotivated to do their job correctly. If you notice your child is going through a midyear slump, here are some tips on how to motivate them once more.

Reinvent Your Child's Study Environment

More often than not, the midyear slump stems from the fact that routines can be tiring. Of course, routines are necessary, especially since they can give structure and guidance to a developing child's life. Still, seeing the same things and doing the same things again and again can get exhausting and boring. This can then result in your child feeling that their academics are discouraging and uninteresting. An easy way to breathe new life into your child's routine is to simply rearrange and change up their study environment. Changing the way the furniture is placed, for example, can revive your child's study sessions and may make them more eager to do their work. Likewise, you can provide new school supplies. Many students are most excited about school when they start purchasing fresh school supplies for the year. Hop on that sentiment and give your child notebooks, pens, pencils, and other tools, to get them motivated to use them.

Give Their School Lessons More Appeal

Reading about their school subjects and following the same study methods for months and months can also be contributing to your child feeling like they're going through a midyear slump. That's why, another thing you can try is to give your child's school lessons a fun spin to make them more appealing and interesting to them. An easy way to put this tip to good use is to download apps and online games that have an educational purpose. For example, there are games that are meant to help your child with their spelling skills, their math skills, among other academic skills. Playing these and learning while they have fun may be just what your child needs after they've had their nose stuck in their textbooks for months on end. Likewise, you can try to create a few experiments that are related to what your child is learning in school. Getting their hands dirty and practicing their lessons may make them more engaged with their academics.

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Reward Your Child for a Job Well Done

This next tip won't be to everyone's liking. This is because some parents think that their child should want to do well in school because it's their responsibility, not because they're being bribed with gifts. Still, creating a rewards system for your child shouldn't be perceived that way. It should be thought of as a recognition of the fact that your child did their job well. To that end, you can create a rewards system in which they get to choose an activity to do (going to the movies, the museum, etc.) after they've achieved some of their academic goals (such as improving their grades). A simple strategy like this one will give them something to look forward to, which may revive their excitement and interest on their academics.

Talk to Your Child, to Parents, to Teachers

As a last tip, it's suggested that you engage in conversation with different people. For starters, obviously, have a talk with your child to understand where their discouragement is coming from and if there's anything specific you can do to help. It can also be important that you talk to other parents, to see if their children are going through a similar slump. If anything, this will help you feel you're not alone. Teachers may also be able to help, as they probably have advice on how to overcome the midyear slump. If nothing seems to be effective, you could even turn to a professional psychologist. Talking to them will guarantee that there isn't anything else that could be causing this period of amotivation in your child.

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