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 Writing is a skill that it’s somehow overlooked, but it has crucial importance in great academic achievement, as it helps your children practice their grammar, communicate their ideas among many other benefits. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Southgate, we would like to share some useful ideas that will motivate your children to write.

Make it Fun

Provide your children with crayons, paper, pencils, colors or any other writing supply. This will encourage them to write. Just remember that this skill, requires time to develop, so have fun during the process. Don’t forget assign some time in their schedule children to this activity.

Create a Space

Your children will need to keep their writing supplies in one place, so find a quiet space in your home and provide it with a flat surface and a chair where they can sit and write. Also, don’t forget to include a dictionary that suits their age.

Help Them

It can be difficult for a children to tell a story, so don’t forget to suggest them a topic like your last vacation, pet or family. Help them explore their ideas and remember to assist them when they ask you about spelling and punctuation. Never criticise their work and reward and praise their efforts.

These ideas doesn’t mean your children have to become renowned authors. Remember that practicing their writing skills will help them become better students, and it will definitely become an advantage in the future. Also, be sure to read this previous post on helping your child fall in love with with reading. 

Overcoming school struggles may seem like a difficult task, however having the right professionals can make things easier. If you are looking for tutoring in Southgate, think about The Tutoring Center. Our tutors and exclusive programs will help your children achieve their potential. Please call (734) 785-8430 to learn how we can help.  


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