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Effective note taking is a highly important skill that must be developed in order to succeed academically. Often times, schools don’t teach this skill directly but expect students to develop it as they grow. The Tutoring Center in Southgate has some advice to help develop better note taking skills and overall more effective notes.

Choose your tool

Note taking can be done using a variety of different tools. Whether you choose to do them the old fashioned way, with pen and paper, or on newer technology, on a laptop or tablet, there are ways to make sure your notes work for you. When done on paper, it is essential that keep your notes together and in order. The easiest way to manage this is to have a notebook dedicated to each subject or class. Feel free to use colored pens, highlighters and whatever tools help you stay organized. If you’re working on a laptop or tablet, be sure to learn typing shortcuts in order to make the most of your time typing.


As you listen to a lecture in class, be aware of the information you will need later on. Make note of important dates, names of important people and places as well as useful theories. As you take notes, make sure you are writing down information that is new to you, leaving out facts that you already know. Jot down questions you may have, and try your best to get these questions answered.Taking notes while reading is also an effective way to retain new information. Along with practicing the previously mentioned tips, write down words you don’t know and make time to look them up. This is a great way to thoroughly understand what you’re reading and an effective way to build your vocabulary.

Clean and simple

Clear notes are especially helpful while revising for exams or working on projects. Make sure your notes are clear and legible so that they are helpful when you come back to them. Key points should be clear and easy to find while skimming your notes. Only use symbols if you are sure you will remember your system when looking back on the notes you have taken.

Effective note taking can be a great tool when studying for exams, but don’t rely solely on your notes. Check out some more study habits that will help you make it through exams confidently.

One-on-one tutoring is a great way to target areas for improvement and to develop better study habits and scores. The Tutoring Center in Southgate provides a great environment for academic growth through our various programs focused on reading, writing, math and test preparation. Give us a call at 734 785 8430 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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