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 It can be very easy to assume that poor grades are simply a result of your child not having worked hard enough. This may indeed be the case, but it’s important to consider that there are many external factors that can impact grades, and if they’re dragging your child’s performance down then they need to be dealt with! Today, The Tutoring Center in Southgate would like to let you know the most common reasons students’ grades suffer.

Health and sleep

Your child’s health has a huge impact on their academic performance. Of course, you want your child to be fit and happy regardless, but it’s also important that they stay healthy in order to achieve good grades. Poor quality of sleep is a big factor, and it can be easy to miss; make sure you pay very close attention to how your child seems and how they’re acting and regularly ask them how they’re feeling.

Overstuffed schedules

Children, especially older children, often try to fit a huge amount into their schedules. If they’re trying to fit their studies in around extracurricular activities, a busy social life, sports teams and hobbies, and other interests such as music or dance, then it’s likely their performance will suffer. If this seems to be the case, make sure to sit down with them, discuss their priorities, and ask them to cut a few things out of their calendar at least until their grades improve.


Unfortunately, bullying is a common problem. It can have a resounding impact on your child’s attitude toward school and hence their performance. If your child seems reluctant to attend school or is withdrawn and unhappy, bullying might be the root cause. Make sure to stay alert to your child’s behavior to identify any problems, and make it clear that you’re there to provide support and reassurance should they need it.

Ineffective study

Your child can spend hours sitting at their desk, but if they aren’t studying effectively then they’re unlikely to do well. Make sure they aren’t getting distracted by the TV, social networks and the Internet or their cell phone, and take the time to sit down with them and draw up a study schedule to plan out exactly what they need to do over the coming weeks. Setting aside a couple hours at the same time each evening for study is a great way for it to become a solid habit.


Your child may make a lot of effort, but still find their studies very difficult. If that’s the case, make sure you are around to help with their homework to offer reassurance and make sure they’re understanding everything. If they need extra support, hiring a tutor could be the perfect answer. The Tutoring Center offer academic programs that provide targeted one-on-one assistance with everything from grammar to math. Call (734)-785-8430 to organize tutoring in Southgate today.


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