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As your child is in school, you’ll find there are certain areas where he or she excels and other areas where there is a lack of understanding. In both of these cases, The Tutoring Center in Southgate can help ensure your child is receiving the best academic education possible. We do this by offering both programs for areas of excellence and areas of struggle. Today we would like to provide a bit more information on our academic programs we offer, as well as our free diagnostic assessment. 

When you decide to bring your child into The Tutoring Center, the first thing we will ask your child to do is take a Free Diagnostic Assessment with us. This is a test that will help us to measure your child’s attention span, reading comprehension, math skills, and writing prowess. We will then compile the results into a thorough diagnostic assessment report, which we will go over with you. By reviewing this report you will understand better, where your child is academically, and we will then be able to offer our services in what your child will most benefit from. 

As mentioned before, we offer two programs, and depending on the results of the assessment, you may find that we suggest your child be enrolled in both, for different subject areas. 

In our Enrichment program, we focus on providing extra challenges for those students who are ahead of their classmates in the following areas: 
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Communication
  • Mathematical Skills

With the same three areas in mind, our Geniuses in Training program will assist any child who has fallen behind his or her peers. 

It is important to note that our diagnostic test is in fact, free. We are able to provide this test for free because we are confident that you will be impressed by how we at The Tutoring Center operate, and that you’ll have confidence in the results from the test and sign your child up to receive professional assistance from our tutoring staff. To find out more about just what causes those disappointing grades, be sure to read our blog. 

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