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For one reason or another, some students are scared of doing math; so much so, that some even get feelings of anxiety when they think about it. Staying away from the subject altogether, however, isn't the answer. On the contrary, if you suffer from math anxiety, you should try with the tips below, so you can overcome it and be more eager to exercise your mathematical thinking.

How to Overcome Math Anxiety

Take Care of Yourself

First and foremost, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to overcome your math anxiety. This is because eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising allow your brain to work at full capacity, meaning you'll likely be more successful when trying to control your feelings and when working on math.

Be a Better Student

It can be difficult to learn math effectively and do it confidently if you don't pay attention in class, if your notes are disorganized and don't make sense, and if you avoid doing your homework. Make an effort to be a better student so that you can learn math more easily.

Practice as Much as Possible

If you have math anxiety, it's probable that the last thing you want is to do more of it. However, you should realize that the more you practice, the more used to it you'll become, which will help you see math is not something to fear. Moreover, practice makes perfect, so give it a try.

Consider Your Study Methods

Needless to say, how you study can have an impact on your grades and on how capable you feel to take on different academic challenges. If you have a math test coming up, employ study methods that can allow you to learn effectively, adapt to your learning style, and prepare on time to do better.

Understand Your Lessons

Memorizing math equations and formulas won't help you learn successfully. However, if you try to understand the logic behind math, you'll see that it follows a strict set of rules. Following said rules will always get you to the answer you need. This can help you feel less intimidated by it and learn it better.

Give Tutoring a Try

It may be that you're feeling anxious and unsure of your math abilities because you're not having a positive learning experience. To correct that, enroll in one-on-one tutoring, so you can have the time, attention, and methods you require to succeed in math. If you need a helping hand to provide support in math, reading, grammar, or another academic area, contact The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI at (734) 785-8430. Ask more about the benefits that come with tutoring in Southgate MI, or schedule a free consultation.

Relax, Relax, Relax

When you're feeling anxious about doing math, try different relaxation techniques to remain calm and control your nervous energy. Playing with your pets, exercising, or even taking deep breaths can occupy your mind and help you to be more in control of your feelings of anxiety.

Turn to Friends and Family

Your friends and family can be more helpful than you know in this situation since you can share your feelings with them. In turn, they will listen to you, motivate you, and they may even have good insight into why you feel this way and how you can overcome it.

Positive Thoughts Only

You may believe that math is too difficult for you, or that not getting straight As in the subject can ruin your life. However, you should realize that those negative thoughts are actually what's giving you performance anxiety. Switch them up for thoughts like "I can do it" to improve your chances of doing math confidently.

Keep Going

Learning math and doing it perfectly aren't things you will achieve overnight. In fact, there's a possibility that you won't do so well from time to time. Even during those cases, it's important to remember that you are capable, and keep going. The harder you work, the closer you will be to your goals.

Turn to a Professional

If you feel like you need it, turning to a mental health professional to work on your math anxiety can be a good idea. They'll share their expert opinion on your situation and will offer specific tips that will help you gain confidence in your abilities and knowledge.

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