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Having a good relationship with your child's teacher can benefit their education. For that reason, you should follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI.

How to Establish a Parent-Teacher Relationship

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Meet and Introduce Yourself to the Teacher

The first big step you have to take in order to advance you and your child's teacher's relationship is to meet with them and introduce yourself. If you don't, you won't be very successful at establishing a bond that can help you be on the same page with them regarding your child's education. And while you're having your first meeting, it is recommended that you exchange contact information with them. Simply exchanging cell phone numbers can help you stay in touch if the situation ever calls for it. Furthermore, while you have their attention, you should relay your disposition and availability to work with them to help your child during their academic endeavors. It's likely that your willingness to contribute, as well as your trust in their role as the teacher, will help make your working relationship a more successful one.

Have Conversations with the Teacher

After you've put a face to the name and you have their contact information, you should have a few conversations with your child's teacher throughout the school year. This is so you can track your child's progress as the term advances. While you have those conversations, you should touch on the following questions, so you can get a fuller picture of how your child is doing:
  • What would you like to know about my child? The first step would be to offer the teacher some information about your child. The more they know them, the better idea they'll get of how they can approach them effectively. To that end, let them know of your child's strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. You can also share a few of your child's experiences to help the teacher out.
  • What are my child's social skills? People change immensely depending on the context. This means that, even though your child may behave a certain way at home, they can act completely different in school. For that reason, you should ask the teacher about your child's social skills in school. Do they have friends? Are they being bullied? Are they a bully? Learning this information can help you take action where it's needed.
  • What's my child's learning style? If you're not aware of your child's learning style, you should ask this question, and you should take its answer into account to ensure your child has more effective study sessions. And, even if you're already aware of your child's learning style, talking to the teacher about this subject can guarantee that you'll both be in sync on the matter.
  • How can I help? Last but not least, the question that will surely be music to the teacher's ears, since it basically means that you're willing to make an effort to help your student become a better student. This question is even more important if you already know that there are some areas that your child needs to work on. This question opens up the communication channels between you and the teacher so you can both work together to benefit your child's education.

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Get Involved and Participate

Finally, if you truly want to establish a good relationship with your child's teacher, and with the whole school while you're at it, you should get involved and participate in the activities that they organize. This means that you will have to be present at meetings, presentations, and more. It's even recommended that you donate some of your time, money, and energy to help them with school dances, class trips, book clubs, bake sales, school plays, and any other event that may be going on. Doing so will have the added benefit of allowing you to spend more time with your child, which can make your own relationship that much stronger. Plus, your involvement in the school's social activities may also help them with the way they relate to other students.

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