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Is your child interested in astronomy? Help peak their interest with this easy and fun activity you can do with your children. This activity takes a little bit of time to set up but is very useful at teaching your children the different constellations. Here we will tell you how to create constellation sewing activity cards.

Constellation Sewing Cards 

What you will need for this activity are yarn and a large needle. You also need to create the constellation sewing cards. Look up some of star constellations. Start by looking up summer constellations or any constellations your child is interested in. Your child can help you look up different constellations as well. Print out clear, simple drawings of the constellations. It might be easier to print them out on thicker paper.

Sewing the Constellations 

Once you have the constellation cards printed out and have found some yarn and a large needle, sit down with your child and show them how to thread the needle. Use different colored yarn for the different cards. Use the stars in the constellations as yarn holes and sew a line from star to star. This activity also helps your child's fine motor skills.

Taking it Further 

Follow up with this activity by staying up late one night and gazing at the stars with your child. Find the constellations you made with the star cards. You can also use this activity to teach your child about other astrology phenomenons. Talk to them about the different types of stars like dwarf stars and supergiant stars. For tutoring in Southgate, Michigan contact The Tutoring Center. Go ahead and give us a call at 734-785-8430. We offer one-on-one tutoring all year round. We can help make science and other topics fun and easy to understand. We also have other science experiments on our blog, check it out!


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