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During the last weeks of school, you will have to take quite a few tests. Prepare for them properly by reading this post on how to take your tests in an effective way.

How to Take a Test in an Effective Way

Before you can enjoy your time off school, you will need to take tests for every (or most) subject you're coursing. This, understandably, can be daunting, but it can be made that much easier if you know how to take your tests effectively. If you would like some guidance on the matter, read through and follow the tips in this post.

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Relax Before You Begin

The suspense fills the air while you and your classmates sit quietly in your desks, waiting for the teacher to finish passing out the tests. The anticipation of what is on those papers can elevate your stress levels and destroy your nerves. But in those moments, it is important to take deep breaths in and relax. Being confident that you've studied enough will help you do a better job on your test, so try it.

Write Down Your Name

Unless instructed otherwise, you should write your name down on your test the instant it gets to you. This is to avoid forgetting to do it afterward. In some cases, a test without a name isn't a big deal. In some others, however, it could result in a lost test and as such, a lost grade. In the most extreme of occasions, depending on your teacher, a nameless test could earn lower points. Instead of risking it, make sure that the first thing you do upon receiving your test is to write your name (maybe even the date, too).

Take Time to Read the Test

Often times, students make easily avoidable mistakes on their tests because they didn't read the instructions first. To ensure something like that doesn't get in the way of you scoring the highest grade on your test, read before you answer! Take time to go over the instructions, questions, possible answers, and more, so you don't misunderstand what is being asked of you. If you're confused with a particular instruction or question, ask your teacher right away.

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Answer Properly

You may know all of the answers to the test, but unless you answer properly, you won't get the highest score. Answering properly means that, first of all, you should answer in the way you were instructed (e.g. underlining the correct answer or writing a well-constructed paragraph on a topic). Another thing you should keep in mind is your penmanship: write legibly to avoid confusions that could lower your grade.

Begin with the Easiest Questions

When you're feeling pressed for time, focusing on the complex questions first can be detrimental to your test-taking efforts. To ensure you use the time you have successfully, you should begin with the easiest questions. Doing so will get them out of the way, which will give you more time to spend on the more difficult ones. As you're answering, encircle the questions you're skipping, so you don't forget to come back to answer them later on.

Avoid Cheating

Cheating is the easy way out for students who give in to their test anxiety, or who don't prepare effectively for their tests. In either case, however, these students are only cheating themselves, since their grade won't reflect their knowledge and skills. Not to mention, in some cases, getting caught cheating can have far worse repercussions than a lower grade. That's why you should avoid cheating at all costs when taking a test.

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Review Your Test Thoroughly

Finally, a tip that can help you improve your grades tremendously, is to simply review your test once you're finished (if you have time for this, of course). Surely, you just want to hand it in and forget about it, but taking a few moments to look at what you did can help you spot and correct mistakes, enhance your answers, and check for any questions you may have forgotten to answer. Plus, it's probable that by the end, your nerves would have calmed down, giving you a clearer perspective.


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