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Summer learning loss can make your child completely unprepared for the next school year. For tips on how you can help them avoid it, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI.

How to Help Your Child Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Students who completely ignore their academics when they're off school may forget everything they learned. This phenomenon is known as summer learning loss or summer learning slide. If you'd like to help your child fight it off, follow the tips mentioned below.

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Tell Them to Study Their Notes

It's highly likely that your child won't be willing to do any homework while they're on their summer break. And it's understandable: they worked hard during the school year, and they feel like they deserve the chance to rest and engage in other activities that aren't school-related. However, if your child neglects their academic completely, they run the risk of forgetting everything they learned and returning to school as a blank slate. That's why you should tell them to study their notes a couple of times during their summer vacation. Even going through them a week before school starts back up again can help them remember what they learned and prepare to continue building on that knowledge.

Make Sure They Practice Enough

Studying their notes over the break will give your child the chance to refresh their memory and reinforce their knowledge. Nonetheless, they need other ways to work on their skills, to keep them sharp, even when they're not using them as much. To that end, you need to guarantee your child practice said skills enough during their months off school. For example, you can search for practice sheets online related to subjects they need to work on (just make sure they go over the right lessons and are an appropriate level for them). If they feel reluctant to complete them, set up an incentives program that can motivate them. Another alternative to help them practice would be to seek real life scenarios where they can make use of their skills. For instance, ask them to write a letter to a relative, so they can practice their grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and more.

Keep Your Child Learning With Summer Tutoring in Southgate MI

One of the best things you can do to guarantee that your child will be completely ready to be a successful learner during their next school year, is to enroll them in tutoring classes. With one-to-one tutoring, you can rest assured that your child will receive the attention and guidance they require to master all of their school subjects. Moreover, they will be able to go at their own pace, which will give them the confidence to ask any lingering questions they may have regarding any of the lessons in a positive and encouraging environment.

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Talk to Them About Their Academics

When you talk about a subject, you need to really think about it, employ your memory, and keep your mind active. Well, you can use this to your advantage to help your child avoid the dreaded summer learning slide. During the summer break, have conversations with your child regarding their academics. Simply asking them to tell you their favorite subject, what they liked about it, and what they learned in it, will keep their knowledge fresh. Moreover, talking to your child (whatever the subject may be) is a great way to spend time and bond with them.

Take Educational Trips

As a final tip, take full advantage that your child has all of this free time on their hands now that they're off school, and go on a few educational trips with them. Visit the library, the museum, or the zoo, which are all places where your child can get excited to learn more, even if they're in a break. To have a pleasant time there, however, be sure to go over the rules and expectations with your child before your arrival. Other than that, be sure to dress them appropriately and to pack enough water and snacks for your day out and about.

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