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Studying for tests can be quite an experience. To make it a positive one, however, avoid the mistakes mentioned in this post by The Tutoring Center, Southgate MI.

What Not to Do When Studying

Final exams can make students nervous, and as such, more likely to make mistakes. Still, if you're a student preparing for their finals, here are some mistakes you should definitely avoid so your study sessions can be successful ones.

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Entertaining Negative Thoughts

What you think about yourself and your circumstances can have a very real impact on how you learn and how you perform on your tests. For example, if during your study sessions, you're putting yourself down, comparing yourself to others, and thinking that your subject is too hard and that you'll never learn it, you're inadvertently setting yourself up for failure, no matter how many hours you spend going over your notes. That's why, to do the best that you can while you study for your exams, you need to have a more positive mindset. If the way you're studying doesn't seem to get you anywhere, seek new methods that will allow you to learn effectively and understand the subjects you will be tested on.

Managing and Spending Your Time Poorly

Bad time management and procrastination can completely derail your efforts to have a successful study session (and as a result, high test scores), which is why you need to find ways to avoid them. Of course, this can be easier said than done, especially if you consider that both of these can be symptoms of a poor learning experience. To prevent procrastination, keep your triggers away: turn off your smartphone, TV, social media, or anything else that can pull your attention away from your studies. As for time management, prioritize what you need to study and create a schedule where you go through each of the things you need to do. You can also set up a rewards system that can motivate you to keep up with your schedule.

Cheating on Your Worksheets

Certain subjects (such as math or physics) require practice in order to be understood and learned in a successful manner. For that reason, you're often advised to study for them by completing worksheets. In fact, your teacher may even hand you a practice test so that you can sharpen your skills in time for the real deal. Still, if you're feeling pressured during the end of the semester, or if you have a challenging time with that subject, you may consider cheating in order to get that work done. If that thought has crossed your mind, stop it at once! When you cheat, you're only losing an opportunity to practice and learn. Instead, make an effort to complete your work correctly. Then, check for any mistakes so you can keep on learning.

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Cramming the Night Before

For some reason, students think they can get away with trying to memorize a whole school term worth of study material in the night before their final exam. This, as you can imagine (or have experienced), isn't the best study method. In fact, it may even prevent you from doing a good job during your test because you'll be too tired from staying up all night. To become a better learner and an expert test-taker, study in the days leading up to your test. Likewise, try to understand the reasoning of what you're studying, instead of just memorizing the information. This will help you to assimilate your lessons more successfully.

Not Considering How You Learn

Finally, if you want to ensure that you'll have the most effective study sessions, then you need to take into consideration how you learn. This means thinking about your learning style, what the best time to study is for you, what you need in order to learn successfully, among other similar variables. Then, you should adapt your study methods to fit this criteria. Doing so can guarantee that you'll make the most out of your study sessions, which will ultimately lead to higher test scores and grades.

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