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If you want to get your child interested in reading and all the benefits it can bring (increased knowledge and vocabulary, and better communication skills, among many others), going to the library can be a great idea. Your child will be surrounded by books, stories, and information, which is sure to get them excited. For tips on how to visit the library for the first time with your child, continue learning

How to Go to the Library With a Young Child

  1. The first step is to establish rules for your day at the library. Tell your child to avoid running around, yelling, or getting away from you. Also, teach them to treat books nicely and set a limit on how many books they can take home.
  2. While libraries are known for storing books, they're much more than that, and you should teach that to your child. Take some time to tour the library: take them to the map collection, the media library, the computer lab, the rare books section, and more to get them excited to learn more.
  3. Of course, if the library you're visiting has a children's section, you should check it out with your child. They often have great material for children, as well as activities (like reading clubs) to get children eager to read.
  4. Lastly, encourage your child to check out some books. Allow them to choose the ones they want to guarantee they pique their interest (but guarantee they're apt for your child). If you need suggestions, you can always ask the librarian.

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