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If your child has an unattended medical condition, this can impact all of the areas in their life greatly. For instance, if your child has a weak eyesight, but doesn't wear corrective lenses for it, this can affect their academic goals negatively. For that reason, this post will go over a few signs that your child may need glasses. However, we urge you to visit a professional for a more accurate diagnosis.

Does Your Child Need Glasses?

  1. One of the most telling signs of bad sight is squinting. This happens because the eyes need to make an extra effort to focus on what they're seeing. If your child squints often, get their eyes checked.
  2. Your child's eyes may be very sensitive as a result of the squinting, or the fact that they're being overworked. If your child constantly has red, tired, or watery eyes, they may need glasses.
  3. Other common signs that a person is suffering from bad vision, are the migraines and strong headaches they get from it. Again, this is largely due to the strain their eyes go through in order to see better.
  4. Finally, those with weak sight can engage in certain habits to make up for it. For example, if your child covers one eye to see, sits too close to the TV, or loses focus quickly on what they're doing, they may have an issue.

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